What To Expect

What to expect at your first Momentum Physio & Rehab Consult

When you step into the clinic, you’ll see our reception desk on the right. If there’s no one on reception at that time, feel free to have a seat to the left of the waiting room. Don’t worry, we have a handy sensor that notifies us when someone has arrived for their consultation.

Our Location

You can find us at 62 Seymour Street, Traralgon. We’re, just across the street from the coffee shop ‘One Shot Double Shot’, and next door to Zambrero’s restaurant.

New Patient Form

Once you’ve made your consultation, you’ll receive an email to complete a new patient form. It’s best to complete this form before your session so that we can prepare and chase up any clinical information we might need.

What to Bring

Please bring any relevant referrals, imaging reports (X-rays, MRIs) and any other relevant information. If possible, please wear loose fitting clothing, or bring clothing that allows us to assess your problem area i.e. your knee or shoulder.

Your First Consultation

Telling Your Story

We will listen to your story to gain an understanding of your situation and the reasons you’re after some help. We’ll ask about your problem, including questions like what makes it worse or how it started, relevant medical history, and details about your lifestyle and activities.

Movement Assessment

Sometimes, reproducing your symptoms is needed to help with creating your plan, so a physical assessment will be completed. This assessment includes checking your strength, range of motion, and other relevant factors to help identify the reasons for your problem.

Determining the Best Course of Action

Based on the information from your history and physical assessment, and taking into consideration your goals, we’ll work together to determine the most suitable course of action for that session. This may involve techniques like massage or joint mobilizations, starting a rehabilitation program, or making a referral to another specialist. We always involve you in this decision-making process.

Making a Treatment Plan Together

Together, we’ll create a written treatment plan based on the information from your session. This plan considers your individual circumstances, goals, and the nature of your injury. It serves as a roadmap for your treatment and rehabilitation process, and we encourage you to ask any questions you may have.

Payment Options

We always take payment on the day of service, so to make things convenient, we offer EFTPOS and HICAPS facilities. These facilities allow for instant private health rebates.

Still have Questions?

If you have any further questions or require any additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@momentumphysiogroup.com.au.

Experience the Momentum difference today!

We believe that modern physio should offer you care across the entire treatment journey to achieve your goals, from pain relief, to strengthening and reducing injury risk. This is why we created our purpose-built facility with access to state of the art technology and equipment.