Tennis elbow can be an annoying, chronic issue that we see in diverse groups of people – not just tennis players.

But what is it and what causes it?

Tennis elbow is swelling and inflammation of the tendon, following bouts of an activity that it isn’t ready to tolerate. People typically complain of pain isolated to the outside of the elbow, that is worse with use. Sometimes, it can feel okay during an activity, but then worsens afterwards, or the next day.
For example, splitting firewood, putting together flat packs using a screwdriver, or starting to play tennis again after a period of time off.

Some quick strategies that may help with your tennis elbow are;

  1. A tennis elbow brace, and
  2. Modifying how you perform certain tasks. For example, when lifting weights in the gym, using a strap, or when performing day to day objects, try to pick things up with a bent elbow, and/or with the thumb up instead of palm down.

Tennis elbow exercises

If your elbow is particularly painful, isometric exercises can help.

Video 1: Isometric Wrist extension

Once your elbow pain has decreased in intensity, it is likely ready for some heavier loading.

Video 2: Wrist extensions with weight
The dosage that might be beneficial is 4-5sets of 40-45seconds.

Sometimes, it is important to be able to strengthen all of the muscles of the arm for tennis elbow, for example shoulder external rotations;
If you have any questions regarding your tennis elbow, please get in touch with us!

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