We know that many people suffer with headaches, but did you know that seeing a physio can help?

Do you notice a relationship with your neck pain and your headaches? These are known as Cervicogenic Headaches. With an understanding of different types of headaches, manual therapy skills, and a deep knowledge of muscle strengthening exercises, we are well equipped to help you!

Do you have cervicogenic headaches?

Typical symptoms for someone with cervicogenic headaches

  • Unilateral (on one side only),
  • Behind the eye or at the base of the skull,
  • Described as achey,
  • Aggravated by neck movements, or sustained postures
  • Reduced neck range of motion

Some strategies that might help you are;

  1. Improving strength in the neck muscles i.e. Shrugs
  2. Promoting a physically active lifestyle i.e. regular walking, exercise and stress management.
  3. Treatment to the neck muscles and joints

As always, this is not medical advice, and if you are experiencing a new onset of headaches, with new or worrying symptoms, please get in touch with your GP for an assessment.

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