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Explore the Momentum Physio Group Facility

We think that modern physiotherapy and healthcare should include equipment to accurately measure strength, demonstrate your exercises, and complete rehab sessions with you. That’s why we have invested into state of the art equipment!
AxIT Testing

AxIT testing equipment to measure strength, power and performance


PhysiApp – to demonstrate your exercise technique, frequency and intensity


iPad to film videos for slow-motion analysis


Weights (calf raise machine, leg extension/hamstring curl machine, cable machine, squat rack and dumbbells/kettlebells)


Cardio machines (bike and treadmill)

Gym Attachements

Therabands, hurdles, various gym attachments

Experience the Momentum difference today!

We believe that modern physio should offer you care across the entire treatment journey to achieve your goals, from pain relief, to strengthening and reducing injury risk. This is why we created our purpose-built facility with access to state of the art technology and equipment.