Post Operative Rehabilitation Programs in Traralgon

We’re all about helping you achieve the best possible outcomes following your surgery. Our post operative rehab programs have you covered with personalised physio, in-room guidance, supervised gym sessions, and regular assessments.

Our programs go beyond the basics 1:1 physio sessions, working to regain your strength and function with regular guidance.

Program 1: Post Operative Rehab Program for Total Joint Replacements

Our Post Operative Rehab Program for Total Joint Replacements – a specialised package designed to enhance your recovery and lead you towards your personal goals. Our program is tailored to provide targeted support following joint replacement surgery, ensuring a smoother and more effective rehabilitation experience.

Silver Package: Balanced Rehabilitation
$1200total cost
  • 12 total physiotherapy sessions for a steady recovery trajectory.
  • 6 in-room sessions (2x per week for 3 weeks) for targeted care.
  • 8 weekly supervised gym sessions to enhance your rehabilitation progress.
  • AxIT system testing at 3 and 6 months to gauge your advancements.
  • Benefit from a 30% discount on consumables to support your healing process.
  • Option for continued gym-based sessions for ongoing improvement.
  • Total cost: $1200 ($109 weekly payment over 11 weeks)
Bronze Package: Foundation for Recovery
$700total cost
  • 6 total physiotherapy sessions to kickstart your healing.
  • 1 in-room session every week for 6 weeks to ensure consistent progress.
  • AxIT system testing at 3 and 6 months to monitor your development.
  • Enjoy a 15% discount on consumables to aid your recovery journey.
  • Option for ongoing personalized strengthening exercises in 1:1 or 1:3 settings.
  • Total cost: $700 ($116 weekly payment over 6 weeks)

Give yourself the best chance to improve your outcomes

Our Post Operative Rehab Program goes beyond traditional 1:1 physiotherapy sessions. It’s designed exclusively to address the unique needs of individuals recovering from joint replacement surgeries. With expert guidance, cutting-edge assessments, and a range of options to suit your preferences, we’re dedicated to helping you regain your strength, mobility, and independence.

Beyond the Standard: Elevating Physio Care for Your Complete Treatment Journey – From Pain Relief to Achieving Your Goals.

Program 2: ACL Reconstruction Program

Our Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction Program in Traralgon – a comprehensive rehab package designed to optimise your recovery after ACL reconstruction surgery. Our program is all about helping you get back to your goals, whether that is returning to sport, running or exercising with your kids.

We designed the following ACL programs, noticing a gap in the traditional physio model of session-by-session care that can be clunky and boring.

Silver Package: Balanced Rehabilitation
$675per month
  • Get up to 5 physio sessions per month, in the room or gym, with the flexibility to add extra sessions at the usual consultation rates.
  • Undergo bi-monthly AxIT system testing starting from the third month, with the option for additional sessions at standard rates.
  • Enjoy a 30% discount on consumables to aid your recovery.
  • Maintain direct communication with your dedicated physio through a private WhatsApp channel.
  • Total investment: $675 per month
Bronze Package: Foundation for Recovery
$500per month
  • Engage in up to 3 physio sessions per month, in the room or gym, and add more sessions at the standard consultation rates if needed.
  • Take part in bi-monthly AxIT system testing from the third month, with the chance to include extra sessions at regular rates.
  • Benefit from a 15% discount on recovery-related items.
  • Total investment: $500 per month

Our ACL Reconstruction Program goes beyond basic physio sessions, delivering best possible outcomes for your rehab. With regular check-ins and dedicated support from your practitioner, this program is tailored to cover all aspects of your recovery.

Your initial consultation will give you a clear understanding of your surgery, how long recovery will take, setting achievable goals, and the realistic path ahead and goal setting. Follow-up sessions will provide hands-on care and targeted rehab exercises to ensure you’re making progress. Supervised exercise sessions will lead you through your rehab plan.

We’ve brought modern tech into the mix with the AxIT System Testing, which closely monitors your strength and movements. With this tool, we can confidently tailor your program for efficient and effective progress.

Experience the Momentum difference today!

We believe that modern physio should offer you care across the entire treatment journey to achieve your goals, from pain relief, to strengthening and reducing injury risk. This is why we created our purpose-built facility with access to state of the art technology and equipment.