5 Exercises That Can Help With Shoulder Instability

Have you had a shoulder dislocation?

Note: Most shoulder dislocations should have an MRI completed to determine the severity of damage within the joint and surrounding ligaments. Please check with your treating practitioner if these exercises are appropriate for your stage of injury.

If you have previously dislocated your shoulder, there is a high chance that you have a sensation of looseness or instability when doing exercises in the gym or during sport, such as push ups or reaching overhead in tennis. This can be due to multiple factors, but reduced proprioception (awareness of where your joint is in space) can play a big role.

Weight-baring exercises, such as the ones listed below can help to improve the proprioception of your joint. The demonstrated exercises progressively challenge the shoulder joint and it’s muscles to withstand harder movements. Click the link to go to view the videos.

  1. 4-point kneeling shoulder flexions
  2. Isometric push ups
  3. Bird-dog
  4. Knee hover with arm reaches

These exercises for proprioception are only a piece of the puzzle for shoulder instability, and as with any other rehab exercise, it should be progressed appropriately over time.

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**At Momentum Physio and Rehab Group we commonly discuss potential strategies to improve symptoms, although the advice and education provided are not individualised and may not be right for your individual circumstances. If you’re experiencing any pain or injury, please talk with one of our team before attempting one of these suggestions.

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